Carnarvon Medical Centre - Working In Partnership With The Patient

What we will do for you. We will:

Provide a caring professional service at all times.

Continue to put a high priority on our ongoing education and staff training.

Give you full information on the services we offer.

Provide you with emergency care when you need it.

Refer you for a specialist opinion when you and your doctor agree it is needed.

Ensure absolute confidentiality at all times.

Investigate any complaint about our services promptly and fully, using our complaints procedure.

What you can do for us. Please:

Treat us and our staff with respect and courtesy at all times.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please cancel it. It may then be given to someone else rather than wasted.

Ask for an urgent appointment only if it really necessary.

Do not ask for home visits when you are able to travel to the surgery.

Do not call the doctor out after hours for routine matters or at night for problems which could easily wait until the morning.

Take as much responsibility as possible for your own health. Follow advice from the doctor or nurse. Take medication properly, keep follow-up appointments and attend for screening procedures. Use the proper re-order form to request a repeat prescription.

Data Protection Act

We ask you for personal information so that you can receive appropriate care and treatment. This information is held in your medical records and recorded on our computer system. Patients need to understand and accept that information must be shared within the health care team in order to provide their care. This information is protected under the 1998 Data Protection Act to which Carnarvon Medical Centre is registered.

Compliments / Suggestions / Complaints

Tell us about any complaints or misunderstandings as soon as possible to allow us to deal with them. Your complaint will not prejudice your standing with this practice.

Our aim is to give you the highest possible stardard of care. We welcome any suggestions on how we might improve the service you receive. In the event that it does not meet the stardards you expect, please advise our practice manager Carolyn O'Neill.

This practice, in accordance with NHS guidelines, upholds a Zero Tolerance policy with regard to abusive behaviour. Any person who is abusive to doctors, staff or other patients will be removed from the practice list.

PCT Patient Advisory Service (PALS) can be contacted on Tel: 0800 587 9159.